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          I mean if you don’t know languages ​​like Tamil. So you can watch this movie in the Hindi language. And in this post, we will review this master movie only. And will give you a lot of information about this movie. Like about the story of this movie, about the cast of this movie and how you can watch the movie. Read this post to know more about this movie. Let’s get started.


vijay the master hindi dubbed movie online watch
vijay the master hindi dubbed movie online watch

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           master movie review english hello everybody it is me admin360 and today we'll be talking about master so this film is of course directed by lokesh khanna garage and it stars telepathy vijay and vajay satu paddy so this film.

 came out in theaters earlier this month but just came on amazon prime this past friday january 29th and i was quite excited to take a look really quick before we jump into talking about it this is going to be a spoiler-free review so.

 if you haven't watched the movie yet and are still debating feel free to keep watching i promise not to ruin anything for you so the core concept of the story was one that i found really intriguing um was excited to see how.


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           it was executed and i don't think it was executed poorly but it definitely could have been executed better a story that had the potential of being great due to how it ended up flowing and all the different details etc that happens in you know an almost three hour long movie um it uh didn't quite be as great as it could have been but it was still.

 i think very fun to watch the film actually follows both our hero played by telepathy vijay who have been referring as telepathy and the villain um who was played by vijay sathupathi who i'll be referring to as sethupazi just to keep the two vijays uh clear.

 which one i'm talking about so it follows both of their characters actually of course we follow the hero a bit more with telepathy um but we definitely do get a good little insight into our villain um a little bit more.


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            than you generally get in these moss films or there's kind of there whenever hero interacts we actually get to like see the villain and see um his mentality behind things and like his story and i thought that was really cool and uh one of the things that made this movie extra great was the acting i mean set dupatti he always is amazing let's be honest um we expected a great performance and he gave a great performance it was very enjoyable to watch.

 he did a spectacular job with his role um telepathy i've only ever seen one other full movie with him and i thought he did a good job but he didn't really in that film display that much range um but of course there's only one film so i didn't really have any judgment on his acting but in this film i think that he did a really spectacular job there are a few more emotional scenes in.

 it and the way that he expressed that in his face like there's the one moment that's ruined in the trailer but if you don't watch the trailer.

 if you haven't seen the movie um but there's a moment with um some boys that's a bit of a surprise if you didn't watch the trailer and vijay's response in his face is really well acted i thought um he gives this like amazing look that you.

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            can just tell what he's feeling and it was i was extremely impressed with his performance throughout the entire film i think the film's biggest issue was the pacing of it um so the first half of the film was pretty fast actually which is interesting because normally in these moss films and i give a complaint about pacing.

 it's because the first half was too slow and then everything was in the second half but this one was almost kind of reverse of that where the first half was very action-packed and then it kind of slowed down and then.

 it got after pass again at the end you know with the climax and all that um but it kind of had this like lull where you were kind of expecting more to happen and more story development to be there i mean it had some don't get me wrong like.

 i mean stuff obviously still happened um we didn't learn more about certain characters um but it wasn't uh as as developed as i kind of expected it to be and i think many people did as well the majority of like the whole first part of the second half of the film i think is where uh the film lost its greatness potential and one thing that.


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            i found a little disappointing was because um this isn't really a spoiler but the whole film like one of the reasons is of course telepathy's character drinks as we saw in lyric videos like we have the quit panuda song and other stuff you saw in the teasers everything you know.

 he he has a little bit of a drinking problem uh lebanese character and um people continually are asking why he always gives uh the stories behind like different movies and stuff like when he did the malayalam film uh premom.

 which i actually haven't seen but you all recommended he's like the story of that um because they constantly like makes up lies and then they ended up telling us what it was um like the real reason that he drank and it was a very realistic reason like it was a good reason but after all this build up of the mystery of it for so long in the film it was very underwhelming i think it would have been better if they just never explained.

 why he drank and left it as like a mystery the audience like only kind of had it as like an inside joke you know where it's only ever described through the plot lines of other movies and um they never actually tell you the real reason um or.

 if they were going to do it i think the real reason should have been something a bit more um because it was of course it's not like it was a realistic film you know it wasn't um trying to be like raw and real or anything it was very much so a moss film.


vijay the master hindi dubbed movie online watch


vijay the master hindi dubbed movie online watch

            it had some moments in it that were realistic but i don't think that that necessarily needed to be so i think that that maybe like to keep that air of mystery around his character and like because he had a very cool suave heir to him the whole time.

 i think that's one of telepathy's biggest pluses he has great um on on-screen chemistry like charisma you know he has a really strong presence about him and i think that's probably one of the reasons that he has such a big draw and such a big fan base because of just the confidence that.

 he displays on screen with his movements and his actions um he he feels very natural as you watch him and that was especially prominent i felt in this film especially with some trickier things like acting drunk and stuff.

 while trying to dance um not necessarily the easiest thing and i thought he did a really good job at it but i think that if you had to just left that as a mystery um it would have been cooler because in the whole audience i've been like wait but why does he drink we never got the real story and it'd be like a fun little thing to talk about people can make guesses and stuff like that.

 i think that that would have been a cool tool to utilize uh with audience interaction of just not explaining it um especially when you have such a build up and then the actual explanation was very um mundane when there is so much build up to that reveal you kind of expect something a bit more especially in this kind of a little bit over the top moss film hey guys so editing alexa i have some so i want to add to this point um one thing was.

 i was kind of expecting there to be some sort of flashback at some point that explained why he drank um but the fact that they it was very very glossed over like it was just kind of said the reason i drink and i think that that also helped to lessen the impact and make it feel like uh you lost that payoff of the huge like build up that .


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             we had of why does he drink um and the fact that it was just stated so casually even though it was a good reason i think that that more so is the reason that it um felt a bit whenever it was explained because you were like expecting a bigger reveal more so and also the reason i kind of like dig into this point so much is because i feel it is like a good reflection of why the story itself fell flat because it had a lot of like cool tools in.

 it and had a lot of cool like core elements as i was saying earlier um and i had some good build up but then um overall like the story just didn't quite feel like complete i feel like maybe like i felt like there should have been more to it uh and there just wasn't and it's kind of how i feel about this one specific moment in.

 it with his character like i feel like there should have been more to his backstory and there just wasn't um and i think that that kind of is why i go into it so much in this um and harp on it but because it kind of uh represents why i feel like.

 the whole film wasn't quite as great as it should have been uh yes hopefully that makes more sense and that's all i really had to say about this so let's move on to another point now why don't we one thing we have to compliment is of course the songs i've listened to a lot of them in their lyric videos already but they were even better inside of it and i coodie's story has grown on me i've said that before because i wasn't a huge fan.

 when i first listened and reacted to it way back when um but it has grown on me and it was especially good in the context of the movie with the whole video song portion of it with everyone dancing i thought it was a really nice moment and it worked really well with the story um and all the songs did honestly i thought they were.


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            all really great my favorite song and it had to probably be the romance one um the anda kona pathika song i thought that was really sweet and i just like how it sounds um but all the songs are fun i like the master the blaster song i the first time i heard it i wasn't a huge fan but as it kept playing throughout the movie it grew on me as well.

 i was like all right all right i think anaru really just did a great job with the score for the whole movie and one thing i really liked was the background music.

 if you listen all throughout very very often of the songs that you hear in the back were like remixed versions of the main songs that they like fit the scene and that was really fun i thought especially um i heard cootie's story was used like quite a few times in the background you could hear the beat of it was definitely from that but just altered to fit the background for that scene um.

i thought that was really cool especially some of them you could see because then it helped make like connections between different scenes and stuff the way music is such a cool tool to help subtly make connections for the audience like without them really realizing it because you're like oh that sounds familiar .

 it'll just like mentally connect you to a different scene in the movie even if you may not realize that that's why and i think that that was really well done in this film and many other films too.

i just like noticed it a lot in this one because the songs are so distinct sounding um and then the way that they have were mixed into the background i noticed that also i was one of the things i liked in alabagunta brahmanu from last year was they did that a lot with the songs too especially omg daddy was the one they did that the most with um.

i thought that that's just a really cool technique to help um like tie the film together musically the cinematography in the film was good um you know it was very well done it had nothing too fancy or crazy but had some nice shots and looked good all throughout um the fight choreography was also i thought really good the final fight uh was the coolest part i think we can all agree um there were some moments though.

 where i think the framing could have maybe been fixed a bit because there were more than once throughout the film i could see the space between like the fist and the head or foot or you know whatever they.

 were hitting with like the tool or you know whatever was happening whatever was hitting with and whatever was hitting i could see the space between it a couple times throughout it it wasn't often um but it was more than once most the hits looked good but there was a couple times throughout where i noticed the space between.

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             it um so i wish maybe they had to rework that framing or reworked the positioning of the choreography to make that um space not noticeable because of course the space needs to be there so people aren't hurting each other um but they just got to play with the positioning of everything to make it uh look realistic to the audience.

 it was very few and far between that that happened but i noticed it more than once so i thought it worth mentioning so overall i thought that the film was fun you know it's definitely worth a watch especially if you like moss films you know it's enjoyable uh the acting is great music is great and there's a cool underlying story so you know.

 it's fun to watch but how they execute the story was in a way that honestly it just wasn't very memorable like it's one that i'm gonna remember for a little while longer because i like sat down and typed up all my thoughts for the review and also been thinking about it so i can talk about it more but if i had to just watched in like my free time i probably wouldn't really remember the movie for that long i'd remember a few things about.

 it like i'd remember their acting was good in the songs and such but the actual story of it if you like ask me in a month i'll be like um well there was something with kids and you know you'd kind of like it'd be one of those films that you just don't super remember the story of later on before we go into shark raiding i have one more complaint i want to make about the film and that is the fact that cootie's story has been stuck in my head since i watched it saturday night it is now monday morning this is unacceptable i like the song but.

 it needs to get out of my head pay attention listen to me it's just on repeat in my edit so even though the songs and acting were great due to the story just falling a little bit flat in execution it is going to be in the hammerhead category enjoyable watch would recommend um but it's not going to be anything too too spectacular but yeah that is all i have to say about master let me know of your thoughts on it down below in the comments.

 i would love to hear let's have a discussion about master um and make sure if you have any spoilers though in your comments to leave a spoiler warning at the front so we don't ruin the movie for anyone alright thank you all so so much for watching if you enjoyed make sure that Share this Post.

Master Full Movie in Hindi dubbed available on Filmyzilla and other Torrent sites


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