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Doctor Strange  release date



Initial release

4 November 2016 (Germany)


Sam Raimi

Film series

Phase Four


Kevin Feige


Jade Bartlett, Michael Waldron


Doctor Strange  cast

Benedict Cumberbatch

Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange

Elizabeth Olsen

Scarlet Witch

Benedict Wong

Master Wong

Rachel McAdams

Doctor Christine Palmer

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Karl Mordo

Xochitl Gomez

America Chavez

Adam Hugill



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Doctor Strange trailer

Doctor Strange 2016

 Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness ENGLISH dr. strange is pretty cool with all of his magic spells and flying capes the strange doctor played a pretty big role in avengers endgame and the ball his standalone movie wasn't as well-received as some other MCU movies.

.t was still a good time from all the fire magic whips and shields time loops inception like action scenes and at least one bulb Tilda Swinton.

 the film had its moments so if we think wizard Cumberbatch too should be pretty fun as well and we actually have some ideas for how to make it really good we're gonna tell you all about the villains the stories the magics all of it and obviously.

 how endgame effects Doctor Strange number two one of the most important things to remember now the V dust has settled after avengers endgame shall we say unsettled is that the time stone has been destroyed along with the other Infinity stones but out at Earth is now serious.


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 risk of being attacked by the ruler of the Dark Dimension Dormammu in Doctor Strange 2 we could see her mom who returned for a second attempt to add earth to his Dark Dimension and without the time stone.

 Doctor Strange won't be able to pull off his I came to bargain trick again that being said, Stephen strange has come a long way since his first encounter with Dormammu he's the sorcerer supreme and his grasp of magic is far better than.

 it was in their first encounter an infinity war we saw just how powerful dr. strange God since his standalone film and it's clear that he's one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU right now strange pulled out all the stops in his fight against.

 Thanos and he lived up to his title as the sorcerer supreme in fact many fans believe that strange was pulling his punches when he faced Thanos and the only reason why he didn't beat the mad Titan was because he wanted to achieve the perfect outcome.


Doctor Strange full movie in Hindi

 he saw when he looked into the future while using the time stone of course that was the key for endgame where strange raised one finger to Tony Stark reminding him about that one perfect future well we think that it's what he meant with that motion all we know he raised his finger because he remembered his first meeting with Tony and he suddenly got terrible.

 craving for some ice cream and strange was simply asking for one star grading hazelnut stark-raving hazelnuts not been a bit chalky a hunk-hunk burning fudge is our favorite that's a thing let's be honest Tony probably has one hidden in his nanotech.

 suit anyway strange has access to some seriously powerful magic spells and if Dormammu shows up for a rematch in the sequel he might get a serious interdimensional butt-kicking that being said derma mo is no slouch himself and he's actually one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe so the effects of and game will hit Doctor Strange.

 hard without the time stone are realities and pretty serious danger Dormammu isn't the only villain that has unfinished business with Doctor Strange after the ending of the first film it's clear that Karl Mordo will be one of the main villains in Doctor Strange - in the comics, Baron Mordo is one of dr. Strange's biggest adversaries so.

 it makes sense that he clashed between the two is impending Mordo had his breaking point when he felt betrayed by the ancient one and after Doctor Strange broke the natural law and used time-travel to defeat Dormammu boy that mortal really is a by-the-book kind of guy so.

Doctor Strange 1 (2016) now is available in Filmyzilla

Doctor Strange full movie in Hindi filmZilla

 it'll be interesting to see how mortal will react to all the time traveling and timeline manipulation and endgame we can assume his reaction won't be very positive which could lead to his clash with strange in the sequel besides mortal believes that the world has too many magic users so.

 he was destined to clash with strange sooner or later during an interview in 2016 Scott Derrickson the director of the first film who's also expected to return for the second talked about his plans for Mordo in the sequel one of the reasons why you tell Ejiofor was interested in the role is because of Porto's definitive arc and ending in the comics in the comics the constant use of dark magic gave Mordo terminal cancer.

 which led to his death and just before he died mortal renounced his evil acts but he eventually came back to life since no one really stays dead in the comics except for Uncle Ben if more dough is destined to have the same fate to the sequel we might see a version of one of the best Doctor Strange.

 stories and that is the oath in that story Doctor Strange faced some hard decisions as he finds out that Wong has terminal cancer and there's a magical elixir that could cure any disease and injury strange end up needing to choose between using.

 the elixir as a cure for all of mankind or only to save Wong's life this story is great for many reasons but one of the main ones is the fact that it challenges strange not only as a hero and a magic-user but also as a doctor who swore an oath to save lives we think it'll be amazing.

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 if we get to see the version of this story on the big screen where instead of long having cancer it'll be Mordo something that could lead to an interesting conflict for strange it's also important to remember Morton's magical staff.

 the first film that the weapon is called the staff of the Living Tribunal and this artifact might make morto a serious threat the Living Tribunal is actually one of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics and he embodies the multiverse itself so if Mordo staff has some of the Living Tribunal power that makes him one of the most dangerous people in the multiverse Scott Derrickson revealed that he has plans to use another villain as well and that is nightmare nightmares actually one of the first villains Doctor Strange based in the comics.

he's the ruler of the dream dimension nightmare thrives on tormenting humans while they're asleep Derrickson also added that his version of the villain would be a mix of Pennywise from Ed and Freddy Krueger and his plan is to have strange travel into the dream dimension this makes us very excited about the possibilities for Doctor Strange to the action.

the visual design of the first film was amazing these kinds of visuals are exactly what the film will need if dr. strange travels to the dream dimension one of the coolest things about Doctor Strange in the comics is the psychedelic vision and creativity of Steve Ditko's art the dream dimension will need a lot of creativity and hope.

Marvel Studios goes all-in with insane visuals in the comics when Carl Bordeaux found out that strange is destined to become the source for a supreme he used demons to hunt the young Stephen strange we could see something like that in dr. strange to wear more.

 doe teams up with a nightmare to torment strange before he became the sorcerer supreme Stephen strange wasn't the nicest person in the world and back he's still isn't while he saved many lives he also passed on many patients.


Doctor Strange 1

 because operating on they would have heard his perfect recruit as a surgeon at the same time if the theory that dr. strange loud Thanos to win and snap his fingers and infinity the war was true strange might blame himself for all of those who died for real in the decimation.

 we ain't talking about the dust it who came back to life but all of those who died real actual deaths when you think about it when 50% of all life gets dusted many more people will die in the process from massive car accidents to planes falling from the sky, all of those people are still dead and all of that death could be the perfect thing for the nightmare to use to torment strange.

 while nightmare is know Dormammu he's pretty powerful on his own and let's be honest nightmares are pretty scary the first film set up a romantic relationship between strange and Christine Palmer and while the two are a nice couple.

 we think the piss the romance felt a bit too generic and familiar the thing is in the comics dr. Strange's main partner and lover is actually the sorceress Clea Clea is a very powerful magic user in her own right and she and strange are a fascinating couple.

if we were Marvel Studios we would get Evo green for the role you have to admit she will be the perfect Clea Clea is a great character and she's actually the sorceress supreme of the Dark Dimension yeah she isn't actually human she's a faulty knee brace that lives in the Dark Dimension and in fact, she's actually Dormammu's niece.

 we guessed our mom who takes the whole awkward uncle thing to a whole new level after strange clashed with Dormammu in the comics he and Clea fell in love and eventually the two get married and have many adventures together but they also get divorced at a later point.

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 we think that seeing Clea in dr. strange too is a must not only is Clea a great character but she strange is equal in many ways something we don't usually see with love interests in superhero movies while Kristine Palmer is cool we think there's a lot more story to tell with Clea as strange as main love let's be honest Kristine kind appeared in the first film after.

 the Ancient Ones death but with Clea, that'll be totally different not only could she travel with strange to other dimensions she could fight by his side which for us is far more interesting and compelling not only that but since Clea is Dormammu's niece there's a good chance we could explore more of the dark dimension.

 all the drama that goes on there since Dormammu is one of dr. Strange's biggest enemies it makes the total sense that Clea will show up at some point and we hope it'll happen in dr. strange too when you think about it the first Doctor Strange movie barely scratched the surface when it comes to all the myths and stories from the comics we also hope.

 the second film will explore more magical elements spells and artifacts while also introducing more magic users from the comics we also hope to see Doctor Strange establishing a new team in the MCU while we're sure strange will join the Avengers.


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 we want a team of heroes that protect the earth from supernatural elements and that team could be the defenders while the television side of Marvel on Netflix introduced the defenders already the original lineup of the team is very different in the comics this team included Doctor Strange.

 Hulk Namor and the Silver Surfer their main purpose was to fight against mystical and supernatural threats the team has a revolving door of heroes and as we saw the Netflix version of the team was very different.

 we hope to see Doctor Strange assemble his own team of heroes to protect the earth from mystic and supernatural threats the team will probably have a different lineup from the comics and its name will need to be changed because of Netflix's defenders.

 we think a version of the original defenders will be awesome this team could eventually set up characters like Ghost Rider blade Moon Knight-Captain Britain she-hulk and many more who knows maybe this team could assemble at some point in the future in clash with Mephisto all of this and more means.

 the Doctor Strange too could and should be awesome we're pretty excited through the movie hopefully, Marvel Studios gives in to the mystical part of the MCU since there are so many great characters and stories to explore there.

 Doctor Strange too could be the perfect place to set all of that up what do you think about all this what are your hopes and dreams for Doctor Strange to let us know in the comments below and if you liked this POST share it with your friends and your social media handle.



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