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Black Panther 2 (2022) full movie watch online and Review

All-new Black Panther 2 Marvel full movie is released very soon here we go to Discuss the movie review of the Latest Black Panther 2 ( 2022 ) Full Movie is available in Hindi Dubbed In Bluray Quality on filmyzilla. 

Movie Name:- Black Panther 2  ( 2022 )

Quality:- Bluray

Artist:- Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan,Lupita Nyongo,Danai Gurira,Martin Freeman,Daniel Kaluuya,Letitia Wright, Winston Duke

Audio Language:- Hindi / English

Genres :- Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi

Length:- 2 Hours 14 Minutes


 Black Panther 2 (2022) full movie watch online and Review

            Black panther 2 review English I saw black panther and if I looked stoned out of my mind just because I'm dead as tired three hours of sleep that morning screenings in Seattle they kill me black panther so Black Panther is the newest installment in Marvel.

            Cinematic Universe directed by Ryan Google when I look at his body of work and his age he's younger than me I look at him and I'm like I've done so little different Black Panther starts out shortly after Captain America's, Civil War two challahs father was killed in Civil War.

          he is now gonna be crowned king but he's also the Black Panther so in that there's that balance he has to balance being King and dealing with the problems that come with that but also being the Black Panther and problems that come with that I don't envy his position.

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           I really don't and when this movie doesn't right it does it right when you look at Chadwick Boseman and the performance he gives also Michael B Jordan the performance he gives both of them have very emotional moments in this movie.

          when you really think about it they're on a green screen, they're not out there actually it's a green screen what kind of the imagination do you have to have to pull that kind of performance when you're looking at a sea of green.

          when you look at what these movies are doing as they're shifting into deeper character pieces quiet breath sometimes you can tell the green screen which is a bummer a couple scenes where they're talking I'm like that's a green screen you couldn't find a mountain you couldn't just talk on a mountain.

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          I don't know I don't make movies maybe they couldn't maybe it's just too cumbersome to bring it grew up there but I liked the arc they gave King T'Challa because when we saw him in Captain America Civil War he ultimately was a dude on a revenge quest and I totally get to class me that hard.

           all the time I want to see the guy's heart how is he as a king is he just like yeah well they did a bad thing I guess we'll kill him too no he's not like that at all it totally shows the guy's heart he is a good King and as his father tells him.

          it's hard to be a good man and a good king and you totally feel that as Captain America was the introduction to him this is the movie that gives that arc more relevant this is one of those movies that strips away the armor.

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          we see the King behind the black panther the man behind the armor I love stories like that unpopular opinion coming at you I really enjoyed Iron Man 3 and I really loved the first Thor because both of those movies strip away.

         the hero and we deal with the person behind the hero in this movie does a lot of that too yeah he does suit up in the black panther suit and when he does is pretty entertaining actually there's one car chase sequence.

           it's more than pretty entertaining it's pretty kick-ass well really when I think about this movie I'm not gonna think about the Black Panther scenes first and foremost I'm going to think about the character moments I'm gonna think about the politics.

           I'm gonna think about the culture I was so fascinated as to how into Wakanda culture I was it was so fantastic you feel like you have a front-row seat to all of it you're interested in and also how much of it stuck with me.

          I mean you really look at other worlds and movies and comic book movies they don't do the same thing this movie as I can seem recent memory did it best you see what the movie introduces the audience to a new civilization or culture.

          when the audience leaves that movie they can ask themselves what do I know about that civilization or culture and usually the answer is very little it's not so the case with Wakanda you walk out a black panther.

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          you feel like you got a crash course in Wakanda and when you see it, it comes across as a wonderful and celebratory thing I think that's fantastic, and reviewing an MCU movie, you got to address the Marvel isms which are how does.

           it ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole does the tie-in take point over the standalone aspect of the movie and how is the humor not is the humor in it but it's going to be in it so how is it for a large chunk of this movie.

           it works as a standalone film there are tie-ins in it the fact that clause in it vibranium is a big part of it also Martin Freeman's character but if you just went into Black Panther you would get the gist you wouldn't need to watch another movie maybe.

            Civil War it being the first movie with Black Panther but really nothing else and I felt the humor really worked what I look for with humor in a movie like this or a Marvel movie is it's going to have humor so does the humor override the drama.

           if someone's having a dramatic moment if there is a moment that's supposed to marinate and have drama if you're supposed to take a pause is there a joke that compromises the whole thing when that happens in movies.

          it irritates me this movie doesn't do that the supporting cast and characters that were fantastic - I love those warriors ladies I loved his tech-head sister Lupita Nyong'o was fantastic I loved him back ooh he's the character man-ape but they never call him man Abby's calling Tanaka.

           I believe it is pronounced make I'm horrible with names like Smith I'm like was it Smith or Smyth but he was great I wanted to see more of him he was so good and I had heard fantastic things about Michael B Jordan is the character.

Black Panther 2 (2022) full movie download in Hindi filmyzilla

             kill monger as the villain and he is great when he shows up when he's on-screen his motivation is clear you understand to a degree where he's coming from but of course, he's a villain so he's going about it the wrong way those make for the best villains of my book but again.

             I say when he shows up because for the first For half of this movie he doesn't I found that to be a problem he does one thing near the beginning of the movie then after that, I forgot he was in it, and he finally shows up and starts doing his thing.

           it kind of gave this movie the feeling of being black panther and black panther - crushed into one movie which I don't know if that was the case, I don't know if they were like that we have two ideas for Black Panther we'll make him one.

            I don't know if they were like we have an idea for Black Panther but hey we got it incorporate Klaw into the movie or if they were like we're going for the Godfather feeling where it's like three movies in one well Godfather was three movies in Willing this feels like - I don't know all I know is it makes Black Panther feel like.

            it was split down the middle into two movies and it feels like a season of 24 if you remember the show 24 it had 24 episodes of the season but it was really two arcs twelve episodes each episode twelve rolled into episode thirteen and the new arc just like.

            this movie does but it does feel like two different seasons just like Black Panther feels like two different movies but in the end, Black Panther was fantastic it has your fun superhero stuff in it yeah but that's not what the movie is it's not what it's about.

            it really is about a king coming into the throne and dealing with being a new king and while they're telling that story they bring you in on a very interesting fascinating colorful and vibrant civilization I feel like most people who go into Black Panther will enjoy Black Panther.

            it's all about how much you enjoy black panther are you going to like it or love it I don't know this up to you but it's worth paying money for it's worth watching and worth buying on blu-ray that's right that is a purple-blue right because.

Black Panther 2 (2022) full movie unblocked

           when this movie comes out on blu-ray if the blue part of the blu-ray package isn't purple that's a missed opportunity marketing people a lot of purples and black in this movie personal favorite the color scheme of mine or it's a black panther.

             it is here it is upon us have you seen what did you think about it whatever you thought comment below let me know and as always if you like what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more

            black panther 1 review English it may utilize the mix of action and humor that now defines a Marvel movie formula but black panther refuses to blend into the crowd of superhero films it stands up boldly and part by opening up a beautiful new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also with its topical phoebe not everything.

             works across the board but when it pitched its cast of relatable heroes in an ideological battle with MCS and most compelling antagonists in years a huge amount of black panther wars' wonderful for a film that touches on very real topics, you might expect.

            Black Panther to be a solemn affair some parts are but it's also an entertaining adventure film with many laugh-out-loud moments and a distinctive visual style it's a testament to the director co-writer Ryan coogler skill that.

              he juggles all these elements without his film ending up totally inconsistent what's perhaps most unusual about the character of Black Panther here is that he's a superhero largely looking to maintain the status quo that's a rare thing in a genre.

             where an objective-driven quest is usually a fundamental part of the story T'Challa journey here and the larger theme at play in the film is a tried and true Marvel Chestnut with great power comes great responsibility.

             if you have the means to help and protect others do you have a moral obligation to do so it's my responsibility to make sure that while Condi doesn't fall into the hands of a person like you so much of that theme is brought to light thanks to Michael.

              B Jordan striking turnes kill monger if T'Challa is about maintaining traditions and keeping Wakanda's technology safely hidden then kill mongers driven by a need to right wrongs and exact justice the best villains are said to be the ones.

Black panther 2 high-quality stream

               the audience can sympathize with and kill monger certainly fits that bill Black Panther does have some pacing problems with a film gaming off to a rather slow start but overall once the phone finds it's footing Black Panthers will have a fun ride.

             the emotional journey as for the sporting cast Leticia right steals the show is Sheree who's not just a tech genius but also kid sister capable of cutting her older brother down the size with a well-timed barb.

           likewise Danai gurira stands out as a kawaii the head of two challahs royal guard the door Ouma logic Lupita Nyong'o brings two challahs former flame Nakia to life with the grace that lends her character and independence from two challahs royal orbit however.

             it's disappointing that angela Bassett isn't quite as well utilizes two challahs mother reminds meanwhile Winston duke stands out as the define make while forest Whitaker wisely underplays elder statesman Zuri one actor who does get to choose some scenery is Andy Serkis as the unhinged arms dealer Ulysses Klaw martin freeman acquits himself buying a CIA agent Everett Ross even though it's debatable.

              whether his character was ultimately necessary in terms of art and production design and costuming black panther is both a visual feast and a cultural celebration the one aspect of the film's aesthetic that isn't as consistent.

             excellent is its visual effects and what Condon tech is cool and fun but the actual shots a panther and hell monger in action is sometimes way too cartoony as for Wakanda itself.

            it proves a sumptuous and engrossing sample of the cinematic world-building in just a few sequences set here while Conda already seems like a more lived-in and indispensable part of the MCU.

             then as dart ever quite did I already can't wait to see what's in store for Wakanda next we'll tease out about Canada Black Panther delivers the goods as an adventure film a political statement in a cultural celebration.

                  it shakes off a sluggish start thanks to a memorable cast of characters going up against marbles best-realized villain in almost a decade some of the vibrance is drained by cartoonish visual effects but the emotional weight of its themes and the cast compelling performances ultimately keep the film on track overall black panther is an exciting step forward for the MCU thanks


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