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Raising Dion Season 1 [Hindi + English] – Complete Review

Raising Dion Season 1 Netflix Web Series Complete All Episodes Download In Dual Audio Hindi + English Dubbed 720p HD Raising Dion Season 1 Netflix Web Series Complete All Episodes Download In Dual Audio Hindi + English Dubbed 720p HD and Full review also available Raising Dion Season 1 and Raising Dion Season 2 Download All episodes download in Dual Audio Hindi English Dubbed blueray.     

Raising Dion season 1 episode 1 to 9 Download Hindi Dubbed

Raising Dion season 1 episode 1 to 9 Download Hindi Dubbed


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Raising Dion

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           RAISING DION - Season 1 English review oh I get it raising beyond like growing up and then he's raising stuff up with his powers that's not it what is up Netflix fans and welcome back to my channel today we are talking season one at the Brandon show on Netflix raising Diane I need you in the comment section is this a show that you've heard of and if you've watched.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 9 Download on filmyzilla


            it did you like it let's talk about it so a widowed single mom discovers that her son has superpowers and tries to figure out how to raise him safely and responsibly this show does not start Michael B Jordan yes season the trailers and he's very prominent because he's Michael B Jordan but he is barely in the season so if you're looking forward to it.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 9 Download


           it because of that, it's not the reason to watch this show you want to see a show that kind of gives you a new look into a superhero origin story that you may like this but be ready for it to be quirky mixed with serious my big issue with this show just to get right into it is the fact that it's um it's so totally inconsistent at times because a lot of these characters when they're talking just the way that they go about their dialogue.

Raising Dion 2019 Sci-fi 1 season

First episode date

4 October 2019


Music by

Kris Bowers



Alisha Wainwright, Ja'Siah Young, Jason Ritter, MORE



Superhero, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure fiction,


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            it feels like a character straight out of a sitcom but this atmosphere and the vibe that you get from the show it's not a sitcom vibe it's not a sitcom feel so I found it a bit difficult to resonate with a lot of these characters now our kid our lead at first I'm like I don't know if he's the best actor he's a kid I don't want to sit here and say oh he's a terrible actor no he was fine but I slowly started to build more and ended up really like him and his performance.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 8 Download


Raising Dion season 1 episode 8 Download

            I like the kid he's sweet he's likable and his classmates one girl in particular the scenes that they share together you're sitting there going oh this is kind of cute and here's what I'll say about raising Deon it's a good family show it's a good show for kids to watch now it maybe just a tad bit dark for kids that are made too young but if you're of a certain age maybe you watch.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 7 Download


             it with your parents and you are a bit young then I do think this is a show for you because it is that kind of balance it's the quirky humor it's the kind of ridiculous tone at times and it is extremely over the top it kind of focuses on things that the kid does and there are definitely themes in here some of them subtle some of them not so subtle I didn't find them in your face.


               which is what I was a bit worried about at first when I started bringing things up and no it was fine they're just dealing with everyday life situations whether it's the fallout with the principal or you know not being good at basketball so it's like maybe I should use my powers to be good at certain things and he's slowly coming into his own and then they're dealing with what happened with the father in the trailer not a spoiler and all of those things.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 6 Download


Raising Dion season 1 episode 6 Download

            come together to create an interesting situation for our kid and then there's a mystery aspect as well while everything is going on with Dion they're trying to figure out what actually went down in situation a don't want to say what it is and then they begin to discover more things about this universe and it is broader than they think at first but overall this is a story kind of dealing with the mother realizing her child has powers trying to hide.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 5 Download


            it from certain people you're getting other people on board and that's what the show is is there anything extra appealing to the show probably not like I said it is cute enough at times for what it's going for I think the trailer actually marketed to the wrong crowd because when I watch the trailer I said oh this is a show that you know.


            it gets intense it's kind of like a stranger things I feel like this is targeting an even younger audience than the stranger things because stranger things is a show by the way there's a ringtone and the show and it's a stranger things ringtone I'm like alright Netflix stranger things don't need to be marketed stranger things should be marketing raising Deon because.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 4 Download


Raising Dion season 1 episode 4 Download

            I don't see a lot of people watching this show but that's the sort of thing they were going for with a balance that just wasn't as good as stranger things because you have the adult appeal because there are adult elements definitely adult elements within raising Dion things that the family faces and actual threats with CGI that I was questioning and then.


              I realized how small the actual budget was to pull something off like this so I'm not going judge too hard on that but within a matter of like thirty Seconds they're going from a really silly subplot and something that doesn't feel like it belongs in a show like this to something that is extremely si a dire situation a life-threatening situation and they do that multiple times and it keeps happening.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 3 Download


Raising Dion season 1 episode 3 Download

            throughout the show and I'm just like I think this show knows what it wants to be raising Deon is inconsistent is it a hard show to binge through no it's light it's quirky it's humorous at times the friend that comes in and is kind of a mentor to Deon I liked him he provided a bit of levity a bit of humor to these situations but other aspects other storylines and just.


           the fact that this is such a familiar thing we've seen it before even in a movie that's a completely different story but a movie like a lopper that dealt with this young child who can move things with his mind and the telekinetic powers that kind of thing dealing with what this show dealing with and you can kind of anticipate what is going to happen.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 2 Download


Raising Dion season 1 episode 2 Download

            all throughout the series if that is what you're looking for and some people will be looking for and I do think kids are going to love this show there are going to be families that sit down to watch this that are going to get a lot out of it and there are so many emotional moments with our characters that actually work for me so I'm not gone say.

Raising Dion season 1 episode 1 Download


Raising Dion season 1 episode 1 Download

            it's a horrible show I'm probably going to go a bit higher with my score than I was wanting to originally just because I do think it is um it's working well with its intended audience didn't do much for me but I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what they do next maybe next season will be a bit more adult I would like that personally but that's the market that I'm in guys I'm gone go 60% on the dot with raising Deon not a fantastic.

            show definitely a show with its fair share of flaws I can see a lot of people turning away quickly but I can also see a lot of people enjoying it and that's why I'm going with a score that I'm going with so thank you guys so much for watching this video did you enjoy raising Deon is it a superhero show that you see a lot of potential in and that's what I'll say there's potential in this show to see where it goes hey if you enjoy this review.

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