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The Lord of The Rings the Fellowship of The Ring Review 


           all right The Hobbit is sneaking up on us faster and faster every day so we got to talk about Lord of the Rings however if I don't successfully convey how epic Lord of the Rings is in the course of talking about these movies I will consider it a personal failure upon myself just saying that being said let's talk about some epic business.

The Lord of the Rings 2003 full movie in Hindi Dubbed Download Filmyzilla

The lord of the rings 2003 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla

Release date

15 March 2002 (India)


Peter Jackson

Music director

Howard Shore

Box office

88.79 crores USD

File Size

387MB / 905MB


Hindi + English


          the Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring so the Lord of the Rings trilogy is directed by Peter Jackson based off of the beloved fantasy books by JRR Tolkien and warning to you guys I'm going to talk about this movie with spoilers in it so if you haven't seen.

           Lord of the Rings yet the short answer is go see it now for the sake of all things holy so the Lord of the Rings starts out with a really cool recap in middle-earth history as to what has happened thus far concerning the ring you see a sweet war with elves and people fighting.


           Sarang Sauron is this big evil he was defeated 3000 years ago by his seal door and he made this ring he poured in all of his malice and contempt for life so since the ring survived Sauron soul isn't gone he's not really dead I mean he's dead for the most part but he'd still have been gaining power now we're at the moment.

           where Sauron is gonna make a big move to take over middle-earth again and this ring has been in the lap of Bilbo Baggins for the past like 50 years they can't wait to see that happen in The Hobbit it's gonna be badass.

The lord of the rings 1 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


           I love when you see the hobbits and Bilbo and Gandalf talking with Frodo you know you really get the Hobbit lifestyle hobbies they're not exciting people, they're pretty content they just want to drink smoke weed, and eat that is a hobbits life so when all this drama is happening out there in the world they're like.

          I really want nothing to do with that that's right drama-free fun-loving people those are my people much as I would love to say that I would probably be a wizard and Lord of the Rings or a badass warrior I would probably be a hobbit who wouldn't want that life again Dolph sees this ring and he's like something about this ring I don't like dude Gandalf is the grey wizard played by Ian McKellen.

           who completely kills it in this movie which is funny when I first met my best friend like back in the day when Lord of the Rings came out in theatres or was coming out in theaters I was like oh yeah magneto play some wizard in the movie my now friend then was just a guy I'd never met before in my life he was like, come all right excuse me some wizard knows.

Lord of the rings all parts in Hindi free download filmyzilla 300mb


           the wizard I was like who are you but he had my respect I'll tell you that story short Gandalf can't handle this ring at all because this ring is actually, it's an evil entity it's alive it has a will of its own and I love when they convey that I love when they say things like the ring found this the person when Gandalf's  talking with Frodo he's like you have to remember the ring wants to get back to his master it wants to be found sweet.

           I need to haul this thing around that pretty much would blow the whistle and call the evil Nazgul at me at any given time perfect we're drama-free people hobbits you know that right those nazgûl are just badass so pretty much.

The lord of the rings 1 full movie in Hindi dubbed download mp4moviez


           the Wraith version of terminator but there are nine of them and they are coming after this ring and they will slaughter anyone to get to it and they will kill the one who has it he's here that evil screeching yell you're like yeah your own bad shapes bad news for you but halfway through this movie you don't even have.

           the fellowship yet you're just appreciating the build-up usually along build-up makes a movie kind of seem like a grind to me I'm like alright come on let's just get to really cool but this movie has cool enough stuff among really good character development and it has excitement with the nazgûl chasing Frodo so you're like yeah this movie.

           speaking to me then they get to Rivendell where the elf Elrond he's like okay this ring has to do with all races of middle-earth so you all have to decide what to do and no matter what they decide there's only one thing they can do with this ring the ring is indestructible except for one way you have to take this ring to Mount Doom which is in Mordor in the lion's den of the evil drop.

          it into the volcano where it was created it's the only way to destroy this ring yeah this ring that wants to be found you take it into its masters territory to destroy it yeah screw that noise the special extended edition has this scene grab or Emir he's one of the humans he's like why not just use the ring against the enemy which would seem.

          like a good idea and I thought when I saw him say that in the trailer I was like yeah why not I agree with that dude Boromir this movie really does a good job at conveying no that's not a good idea idiot do that and Gandalf just stands up and starts speaking the language of Mordor in the elf City and all the clouds go down all the elves are like I love that scene he's like I'm not gonna apologize for that if you do that language.

           will be everywhere so really think it through douche but then the Fellowship is formed and now Frodo needs to take this ring to Mordor to Mount Doom and he has a fellowship of a bunch of people to help him he's got his three Hobbit friends he's got Gandalf the wizard Gimli the dwarf Legolas the elf Boromir a human warrior and he's got Aragorn Aragorn is a really key piece to Lord of the Rings like if they got an actor to play.

            Aragorn if he didn't empathize with him if you didn't connect with him this the whole thing really wewasrumbled he'd be like oh yeah the whole Frodo thing's cool but Aragorn luckily Viggo Mortensen kills it as Aragorn why it's important is because Aragorn is destined to be the king.

           he's gonna be the king of men he's gonna be the one that unites men together and he walked away from all that because he's like I want nothing to do with it my ancestor who held that ring just didn't destroy.

            it and held on to it because they thought it would be awesome now look at the boat we're in I guess I love really badass really efficient damaged characters who walked away from their destiny who are now kind of being like oh yeah.

Lord of the rings all parts in Hindi free download mp4moviez

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          it probably would be a good idea if I step up to this movie has great cinematography to you see those swooping shots you know the scenery I mean they're a dime a dozen now back when Lord of the Rings came out it was the movie that hit it and hit it on the screen with a vengeance when I see these really epic swooping shots of soldiers going down hills to meet an army to clash I'm like oh, that's a Lord of the Rings shot.

           the Moria scenes badass too I mean more is this underground mine it's pretty much been sacked by goblins all the dwarves and there are dead but they get into this big scrap in the mines of Moria and there's this big cave troll which you know what that's why it's a bummer that YouTube did not exist in middle-earth because.

           YouTube would have taught them you don't fight the troll with magic or swords or axes or bows and arrows or anything like that you just ignores the trolls and they will go away just survival tactic it's just it's timeless it is what it is today they hold their own but then you see it you see the Balrog of Morgoth and Gandalf.

          like yep this thing's beyond any of you just run and they just haul ass and the music's great it's all kicking on and then he stands toe-to-toe with that Balrog this thing's enormous the big flaming demon with horns he's like you got the buzz and you're like holy old dude you're more badass than anything I've ever seen you think anyone else would have done that you think.

           Darth Vader would stand toe-to-toe with a Balrog of Morgoth no he would not granny he does follow through the shadow and thus for the rest of the movie you assume him dead but this is Lord of the Rings, not all things are what they seem but doesn't change the fact that at the time that I saw Lord of the Rings I was like whoa Gandalf get boba fett it no.

           he didn't I'm saying right now he did not but that music kicks on man never was like no it's all slo-mo it's rough to touch on the music at this point Howard Shores music the musical score in this movie is beyond epic it's that music that you hear and you're immediately taken back to middle-earth and you're like yeah that's why I love this I went on.

           the hobbit website just today and you hear the Hobbit music and you're like I just loved the themes of Lord of the Rings it has everything to do with friendship and honor loyalty sacrifice I love that Elrond told The Fellowship he was like.

           all right the ring bearers promised to do this but the rest of you the support crew the fellowship there's been no oath given no blood oath taken that makes you have to go farther than you think you need to go no one is obligated to follow Frodo to the end into the heart of the enemy to Mount Doom and probably death what they would do is why friendship.

The lord of the rings 1 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


           but I really got to tip my hat to Boromir in this movie the ring is a really seductive thing it makes guys feel empowered they'll do anything for it minutes treacherous little betray him it's like the vagina of middle-earth it will corrupt anybody who's around it for long enough it's not like oh if the ring does corrupt me it's more like when the ring does corrupt me.

           in the Fellowship Boromir was the one who was most susceptible to the Rings he was the one who fell first he tried to take it from Frodo he tried to kill him but he realized what he was doing and he gave his life for the hobbits like big-time took arrows into the chest he's just fighting everyone off with a sword you're like yeah you're awesome.

           your dad's a dick we'll touch on that later but you Boromir you're not so bad ultimately I'm glad everything worked out for the Lord of the Rings movies there was a time where Lord of the Rings was gonna be two movies the whole law Florian scene wasn't gonna be in it God knows the nerf bat version of Lord of the Rings we would have gotten.

           Peter Jackson was proving himself in production so they were like yeah okay three movies and now we have a trilogy which is just it's not even a movie trilogy it's an experience a religion to some you sit down with the special extended editions of Lord of the Rings.

           you just take 12 hours out of your day to watch them all back-to-back it does such a good job at putting you into middle-earth you're there you're invested you love the characters you're going on the class nothing else needs to be said I can't actually convey to you guys how happy I get when I watch The Lord of the Rings is one of those things.

           where I will go months without watching it and I'll see the Lord of the Rings blu-rays that I have and I'm like I should probably watch that again then I watch them and I'm like why don't I watch this day in day out every day that's just how I am with Lord of the Ring.

           why simple Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring is awesome macular the world of Lord of the Rings in middle-earth is just such an involved entity and that credit goes to j.r.r Tolkien he made that world he made an Elvis language a fake language.

           that's just it's crazy but the credit for capturing that depth and all those layers that made middle-earth middle-earth in the movie for the big screen that goes to Peter Jackson right so have you seen.

           the Lord of the Rings movies have you seen the Fellowship of the Ring what did you think about it comment below to let me know we're gonna do the whole trilogy before the hobbits out trust me I got you covered and as always if you like what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more...




The Lord of The Rings The Return of the King Review

the Lord of The Rings The Return of the King Review

Release date

28 March 2003 (India)


Peter Jackson

Music director

Howard Shore

Box office

95.12 crores USD

File Size

399MB / 988MB


Hindi + English

            alright guys first video in my brand new apartment I got everything set up I had the posters it's all good let's talk about Return of the King the Lord of the Rings returned the King is a film that geeks were just salivating for I mean they were just like drooling for this movie everyone wanted to see this movie when it came out I remember going to this movie.

            I remember the crowds I remember sitting there I remember the anticipation level I remember all of it it was all at this amazing height of insanity and this film opens an interesting way the first scene in this movie is actually a flashback where you see Smeagol first discovering the ring and you see what happens the moment.

The lord of the rings 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


            he becomes enticed by it this is interesting because a lot of people may have thought that this would have been a better thing to open the two towers with because that's where you get introduced to golems character and into towers you see golems love of the ring and you hear about how it used to be someone else but you don't really get to know that much about.

            it Return of the King is really the film where golems character gets flushed out even more because you see this opening you see how he first discovered the ring and you start to understand why he is so enticed by it and why.

            it's basically his life and in this film even more than in two towers Frodo and Sam are continuously drawn apart by golems deception he keeps making Frodo thinks that Sam is doing all these things and Sam sees that Gollum is you know he's a pretty treacherous guy and Sam gets that Sam is smart but further was messed up because of this ring.

            he's allowing people to deceive him he's looking at his best friend he's not understanding who he is anymore and this adds so much character to this movie and in my opinion is the reason why the Return of the King has.

The lord of the rings full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


            the most understanding of the hobbits and has the most depth for the hobbits in this last film you get to see so much more happen with these two characters in this movie meanwhile everyone who ever lived is preparing for the final battle of middle-earth in which basically.

            everyone from every land is going to be going up against our Mons armies to try to give Frodo and Sam enough time to get that ring to the mountain to try to buy time for everything to happen correctly and to basically allow the world of men to survive Return of the King is my favorite of the trilogy it's very rare for the third film in a trilogy to actually be the best.

            it doesn't happen to her often and in my opinion, it does here Return of the King is a movie that just pumps you up so much every scene has this great feeling of anticipation of the finality of just epic standards that you don't see in movies ever every time King Theoden is running along the battle lines and he's charging up his mana knees and the red Sunrises.

The lord of the rings 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed download mp4moviez


           I get so pumped that's gonna take some Gatorade that's how pumped I get but seriously this movie is so enthralling each scene just feels like it's happening it's there you're in this moment and as I said in my two towers review this is really the film.

           where Pippin finally matures because Mary started to get a little bit more serious in the two towers when he was encouraging Treebeard to go to war Pippin was still a child until returned to the king when he sees some of the things that happened because of his fault when he voluntarily puts himself under the submission of this corrupt.

The lord of the rings Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


           King Gandalf just rolls his eyes and like I don't believe what's going on here you finally start to see this character mature into his own and what does he does he sings a battle song it's funny when I heard about that scene.

           I was like really Pippin sings during the battles but believe it or not it actually works and that's a credit to Peter Jackson because his movies directed so well that they can actually show a hobbit singing a song that's completely serious in the midst of this very devastating battle and it works what do you know now one of my favorite characters in fact probably?

           my favorite character of this whole series is Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and this is his film in a lot of ways because the title The Return of the King is about him and this is a film where he comes into his own like a king and there is this great scene that is so epic every time.

            I see it I'm like yes it's when Aragorn decides to go into the mountain and find those ghostly people and try to enlist them in this war Legolas and Gimli is standing there leg I don't think so man and Aragorn are just like.

The lord of the rings 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


           I do not be death and just walks into that mountain escape is all blowing it's incredible I love that scene this is the kind of movie where each scene feels like yes like a yes moment and like where certain movies try to make the audience do that you.

             know like the big patriotism movies of today and everything yeah it killed the bag I always said the big line yeah you're supposed to feel the pumped up and everything and it doesn't always work Return of the King every scene has a moment like that we're just like mmm Gandalf mmm Frodo like you just I am such a nerd.

           I don't care seriously though this movie has so much that a film lover would like to see it's a film that's directed beautifully it has actors that are taking these really fantastical elements seriously and it comes off so incredibly well and it's one of the only times.

           where the Academy has actually recognized a fantasy film of this type it won every single Oscar that it was nominated for including Best Picture that has never happened for you know like a geekdom movie of this type ever and it probably never will it was really inspiring for me to watch that happen and as a series of Lord of the Rings films are some of my all-time favorites.

Lord of the rings all parts in Hindi free download mp4moviez


           films the battle scenes the characters the music the epic scope of all three of these films they are unparalleled if you haven't had a chance to see the Lord of the Rings films but you want to see The Hobbit coming up soon, please check these movies out you're not going to be disappointed by them okay if you are okay.

            I guess you're disappointed by them whatever I love the Return of the King concluded this series beautifully it of course gets an A+ so I'm going to be seeing the Hobbit this Tuesday, my buddy John the flick pick is going to be coming and seeing.

           it with me and also doing a spoiler-filled review with me look forward to that and as always if you like this review then you can click right here and get stuck my next



The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Review.


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers review.

Release date

6 February 2004 (India)


Peter Jackson

Music director

Howard Shore

Box office

 9.4 crores USD

File Size

397MB / 915MB


Hindi + English





            all right the good guys are still on the quest to destroy the ring and evils on a quest to destroy good guys so hey we got the two towers the Lord of the Rings the two towers warning this time as before this is going to be completely spoiler-filled so I'm you've been warned there's no other way to talk about Lord of the Rings then to just spoiler.

           it out so as we saw at the end of the Fellowship of the Ring The fellowship is completely split off Boromir died Frodo was like I'm going to Mordor alone and then Samwise Gamgee is like I'm going with you so the two of they went off to do that merry and pippin the two other hobbits were captured by yokai which are pretty much orcs on steroids and Aragorn Legolas and Gimli are like.

            we're not going to abandon them to get tortured deaths so we're going to go get our two Hobbit friends back so they're going after merry and pippin now we enter the two towers and this movie starts out awesome it's just going over.

the lord of the rings 3 full movie in Hindi dubbed download mp4moviez

           the mountains and you hear Gandalf throwing down with the Balrog and it goes into the mountain and it shows him toe-to-toe with the Balrog and he's like you shall not pass BAM then the Balrog Falls he whips Gandalf's leg and then he falls he's like I lose then when he falls the camera goes down with him and shows.

           what he did he's the biggest badass in Lord of the Rings history Gandalf is fighting the Balrog he grabs him by the collarbone he's taking his sword and just beating the [ __ ] out of him digging his sword in tombs sparks and fire flying out of the Balrog that rocks smacking him around Gandalf just grab onto his horn the entire way down.

           the mountain you're like this is insane the two towers is a great movie it really is but for my money, it's the sweetest scene in the entire movie at At the very beginning the two towers more or less concentrates on the world of mankind and Rohan Rohan or Rohan however you want to say it has king fade and King fading is like a good guy but he's being controlled by Saruman I touched on Saruman a bit because I haven't touched on him yet.

the lord of the rings 3 full movie in Hindi dubbed download mp4moviez


           and he's really important and you kind of have to talk about him he was the white wizard you know the head of Gandalf's order but he threw in his lot with Sauron now Saurons using him to make a big Ruka army to wipe out the world of man because Sauron's.

            learned rumors that it maybe is sealed or Zaire is coming back that ain't good not for him so yeah just wipe out every human being that lives you'll eventually, kill Aragorn that's pretty much the plan however one thing Saruman did not count on is that there will be another white it will be Gandalf the White yeah Gandalf.

            the white now he was king awesome badass before when he was the gray now he's the white evil has no shot they showed that in the trailer I thought that was a weird thing I'm like why would you show that there are a lot of people out there that don't know that.

          Gandalf is going to come back as Gandalf the white or Saruman as he should be however, you want to see it so it's the same earth theater he's just all he looks all crippled and gross and old and Gandalf pretty much performs an exorcism with his staff against him and Sarmas like.

             if I go they Odin dies and Gandalf overpowers him and I love that scene for two reasons one Saruman learned that there are another white wizard and it is Gandalf in which he is in trouble and two he's in trouble because Gandalf overpowered Saruman for the first time like ever yeah Saruman learned a little bit of news of that day that just.

           it wasn't good news not for him jumping over here we have Frodo and Sam's pretty much you know the entire point of this entire story Frodo is still going to Mordor to drop the ring into the volcano to take out Mr. evil The only thing is he doesn't really know the way he and Sam are going in circles the ring is really becoming a burden to Frodo you really see the gravity the situation weighing on Frodo in which case Samwise Gamgee.

lord of the rings all parts in Hindi free download filmyzilla


           you see his role in this whole thing Samwise Gamgee is Frodo's motivation you really see that in the two towers it culminates in Return of the King but this is the first time you're like oh I get it Samwise is actually badass awesome but you see the scene-stealer in the entire movie and that is Gollum Andy Serkis as Gollum was like.

           it was one of those roles where you're like this is one of the most memorable performances ever Gollum is a really wretched little creature you've probably seen Gollum by now he had the ring for five hundred years and he really wasn't much different from a hobbit when he first got it the ring is so evil and so corrupting.

           Gollum is the end result of this so you kind of look at Ghulam you're like yeah Freddy she'd really make haste with the process or else you're gonna be like Gollum Gollum just such a tormented creature you're like he can tell he kind of wants to be good but the dude has multiple personalities so he has this other voice in his head there's a scene where he's talking to himself and he's like not master Los Precios first masters, my friends.

            I don't have any friends never the lot you're just like that guy's got issues he really does have issues too but I love damaged characters like that Gollum is pretty much the epitome of a damaged character Gollum was pretty much the character where people were like yeah the Academy needs to think about whether or not they should give an actor who did motion capture for a character and Oscar cuz Andy Serkis deserved.

            it and I'm just saying and upon all this Frodo and Sam run across far amir now far mirrors actually Boromir's brother and you don't see this in the initial theatrical release you're just like a farmer feels like he has something to prove but why you learn in Return of the King why but in this special an extended edition of two towers you see why cuz his dad said so in the scene in the two towers.

the lord of the rings 3 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmyzilla


           when he's like no we're taking the ring to Gondor you understand why you just feel the weight on his shoulders Bruce like cuz my dad's a douche chef there's one thing that slows the movie down a bit for me it's actually the whole merry and pippin, in the end, the thing that tree beards an nth and so pretty much like walking trees but their tree herders and he walks.

           really slow with really long strides and he talks really slow which makes the scenes feel slow I'm no tree I am and then he talks a lot and he talks about stories you really you're supposed to feel this way because you're supposed to feel how merry and pippin feel which is like dude we're hanging out with this really old guy.

            who tells stories that we don't care about and it's really putting us to sleep however you kind of feel that way too so you're like let's speed these things up please get back to the hole Rohan thing and helms deep and Frodo and Sam and Gollum Gollum Gollum would be great the show more golems awesome now again.

            I love Treebeard I love merry and pippin and it doesn't detract from the movie as a whole in fact at the end when they see Isengard in their life now we're gonna beat the piss out of Isengard cuz Saruman to douche and these throws rocks and they unleash the river you're like okay this is awesome leading up to it was a bit like okay filler time let's just get back to the other stuff then you get to the Battle of Helm's Deep.

lord of the rings all parts in Hindi free download mp4moviez


            all these human beings are bottlenecked into this little stronghold like we're totally going to hold those 10,000 Eric I come tromping up and they're like yeah I don't think you're going to in fact I'll bet you a dollar they don't really bet a dollar they just start beating the [ __ ] out of the place and the battle is awesome and it's intense and it's the climax of the movie.

             see the Lord of the Rings the two towers is that middle mark Fellowship of the Ring, it was really cool seeing this fellowship the introduction to the characters in the world who just didn't offer the entire thing so the two towers you're familiar with the characters so now they're just in a dire dire dire situation and it's really great and really cool however that's.

            the immortal battle is ooh which one's better Fellowship of the Ring or two towers for me I like Fellowship of the Ring more than two towers I can watch Fellowship of the Ring every day two towers is a great chapter to the Lord of the Rings trilogy they take the dialogue and characters a little further, they actually are funnier than Fellowship of the Ring also.

             the dialogue between Gimli and Legolas has more humor to its movie itself has more humor in it I suppose you need that otherwise, you'll be like wow from the Shire to this is almost culture shock things are just going very badly for the good.

             guys however although I love fellowship with a ring a little more than two towers the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a whole remains the pinnacle of epic there personally growing the interaction between.

             the characters are bigger it's growing also the friendship between Legolas and Gimli that's growing and it's a dwarf in an elf that shouldn't happen in this world Samwise Gamgee finds his role with Frodo Frodo she's being burdened by this ring and Gollum is the scene-stealer a couple seems that slow down with the walking tree doesn't change the fact that the two towers are still completely epic and badass.

           the Lord of the Rings the two towers is awesome tacular or so the Lord of the Rings the two towers what did you think of it compared to the Fellowship of the Ring whatever you thought comment below let me know and as always if you liked what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more.

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