The Croods: A New Age Full Movie Hindi-English Dubbed 480[497MB] on Filmyzilla

The Croods: A New Age Full Movie Hindi English Dubbed 480[497MB] on Filmyzilla new croods movies 2 newly animated film by pixel coords 2 one of the best comedy and action movie ever and kids and teenagers like this movie.

          the crowds a new age movie review in English hey everyone welcome back to our website gettygaming reviews I'm admin we're going to be doing Movie Review And watch online tips to the new croods movie the new age.

           I guess this is like croods 2 the stone age the new age crudes 2 7 years later yeah I mean don't get me wrong when the The first one came out I was like this is a cute little movie I really thought there were a lot of little cute things in there like the belt um.

the croods full movie in Hindi download 480p

the croods full movie in Hindi download 480p

           I think yeah the little monkey that was a belt called belt um but I was you know I thought there was going to be like a sequel to this like a while ago because they had talked about it and Nicholas cage was in for it because he's like the dad and um.

           I was like okay cool I mean if whenever it comes out I'll probably be interested in it yeah yeah but seven years have passed and now I'm like oh yeah that's right what happened to the crew what happened to them so the meteor hit the earth and then no I'm kidding that's not where this movie leads but speaking of like voice talent sorry.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download filmyzilla

          I'm just glancing down the laptop Nicolas cage is back uh Catherine keener is back Emma stone Ryan Reynolds uh Clark duke uh let's wow okay uh uh Peter Dinklage oh okay Leslie Mann hope Betterman oh nope sorry that's an oh kelly Marie Tran oh wow okay sorry don't worry about hope Betterman that was.

           I think that's a character and not a not a star sorry I was just reading all the names so this is interesting I do agree I feel like seven years has been a long time and I feel like two wasn't an Incredibles that took like how many years well the Incredibles took out even longer but it's kind of different it's going to be interesting to compare the animation styles too because just like with the incredible.

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the croods 2 full movie in Hindi 720p download worldfree4u

           it was kind of weird you know at the time you didn't notice it but when you can compare them side by side okay so I'm curious to see you know what they do with the animation where they go with the story i can't quite remember what happens in the first one.

           I know yeah they didn't like the boyfriend but they always hid in the cave and now they were forced out of the cave and now there's a big calamity thing kind of going on sure it's more like exploring and finding new things to kind of maybe new people it's it is a new age so yeah all right let's watch it

          okay that's interesting it looks cute it's going to have a lot of really cute moments it's going to be the very sheltered family inside their little home oasis did you notice when they were kind of like panning down on their farm with the super colorful vegetables and fruit.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed download 720p

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download filmyzilla

           it just reminded me of like what's that mobile a game like Farmville or something like that yeah you can put everything in like the right or just like a really aesthetically rainbow-themed aesthetically pleasing rainbow-themed like animal crossing island I don't know I I liked it i think it's really cute it looks like it's a little mix of like coming off the age movie.

           for the betterment's daughter and then kind of a little bit of a conflict for the crowd's daughter as well because now she's gonna deal with her boyfriend like liking it, yeah but his boyfriend I don't know if they really I can't remember from the last movie but if they really seems like they actually like got together as a like like they were together as a couple or if they were just now kind of like a family member kind of thing so I'm really curious.

           I mean it's kind of the kind of blowing over all of that stuff that might be considered like drama moments and just kind of like made fun of it and kind of just teased at it and just kept the the whole movie very light-hearted and I think that's probably what they're going to do here yeah they might like bring it up and kind of poke fun at the cliche I have a friend.

the croods full movie in Hindi 720p download filmy wap

           that is a girl kind of a thing okay okay okay I've never had a girlfriend before yeah I like the part where the girls did like were they going I was like my girlfriends whenever me and grace get together we're like oh my god so uh.

           I it is very cute I am it's like the the whole I love them where are my feet I love them oh yeah where are my feet that was such a great oh that's what I want more moments like that and it feels like that's what they're going to go for yeah and you know if they kind of keep it the same as the original group uh goods croods you know say that ten times we liked it.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi dubbed download 720p

           I mean I liked how they handled how they um had that movie how um they told their story it was all cute and very light-hearted so and that's pretty much what we you know anytime they do a sequel like this, you kind of just want to spend more time with these cute and adorable characters that you felt and sash yeah bill and I like that sash they're gonna.

           they're gonna probably I wonder if they'll package them for like merchandising though because it comes out at thanksgiving so then all the kids are gonna want to get it in their stocking or Christmas presents are they to sell like sell belt and sash separately but then have some sort of like magnet like class mechanism and then it's like if you want this function.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download filmyzilla

the croods full movie in Hindi 720p download worldfree4u

           where they can make a heart you must purchase two oh I don't know but oh that's true it's cute little anyway to be able to sell some merchandise that looks like this movie is gonna have a good amount of very merchandise able moments they have like this.

           the shoes the flip flops and then the little like the little necklaces, that's it forget it and then they can sell little like posters that emanates the window with the little birds on it anyways you guys super cute trailer really really enjoyed.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi 720p download filmywap

           it yes but it's not just what we think what do you guys think comment below give us some of your thoughts on this trailer and also on what did you guys think of the first group uh croods and whether or not you're like wanting a sequel you know it's one of those things.

           that you're like oh okay I kind of thought we we're done with this or hey you know what I love the first one the cruise again comment below don't forget to check us out on social media like share subscribe and we'll see you in the next post  you

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi 720p download worldfree4u

          the croods movie review in English I'm gonna be honest with you guys I saw an ad a billboard for the Croods and it looked like it was going to be like the stupids for cavemen, I was really wrong.

          the Croods so the cruise is the story of this cave family Nicolas Cage plays the dad of the Croods and he talks like Nicolas Cage you know he really talks like this you know no we can't go outside because there are things out there that'll eat you he talks like Nicolas Cage in this movie there's no doubt in your mind you're like this is Nicolas Cage and the Croods.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi online

           have survived thus far because they're a really careful family-like alright don't go outside don't get curious don't look at anything don't touch anything and at first, I was like this movie's gonna bore me everything is really brown and they don't do anything but then they meet this cave guy named guy and he's his young dude the chick crude chick has a crush on this guy and he's voiced by Ryan Reynolds which means he's funny and then.

the croods full movie in Hindi download

           they all tumble off a cliff into the land of Pandora from Avatar and now they're on an adventure that to step outside their comfort zone and then I was like holy.

          I'm really enjoying this movie the movie was cute it was funny it was relatable family wise and culturally it was just really relevant it has that humor that adults will get and kids will get and I like the family the Croods themselves usually in a family like this, you're like alright you two.

           I like you too the rest is pretty stupid this useless one is the wife but she's not useless because she's the wife of the dad voiced by Nicolas Cage so she's relevant to him he's relevant to everybody in this new element this guy comes in and everyone's like oh you're cool and of course poor Mr. Cruz like now rules rule save us it's really a story about how adapting to change is how you're going to survive in life.

the croods 2 full movie download in Hindi 300mb

           it's an important lesson to learn I really dug that about this movie I like the creatures in this movie too because they have elements of creatures that we know today but they're so opposite elephants are mice and rhinos or birds and.

           like that it's like every animal has the features of two different kinds of animals fused into one they're like they're Wuzzles that's what they are bumble lion is somewhere in this movie I miss my right bumble lion.

the croods 2 full movie download mp4

           it used to be all Pixar Pixar was like we're Pixar we do everything right now DreamWorks Animation is a force to be reckoned with it's not just Pixar anymore and that's I like a competitive world I swear to you a couple times in this movie I did tear yeah I went to this movie thinking it was going to be the stupids but cavemen and I was like gee.

           it's not the stupids this movie was great it was funny it was witty it was relatable I highly recommend it if you have kids and you don't think your kids are quite ready to see Olympus fall take him to the crude you will all have a good time with it.

the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download 480p

           I will say the Croods is certainly worth saying I would buy it on blu-ray so what's your favorite DreamWorks Animation not Pixar DreamWorks we're going to give them their own question today whatever it is comment below let me know and as always if you like what you have seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more

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the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download 480p
the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download 480p
the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download 480p
the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download 480p
the croods 2 full movie in Hindi download 480p


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